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Sivananda with Jim and Anthony

This is considered and intermediate practice and some prior experience with asana and pranayama is required.
Class starts with Silent meditation, morning prayers, Pranayama (breath work), Asana (basic 12 postures), Savasan (final relaxation).

The science of yoga gives us a practical prepared method to cultivate a more intimate relationship with ourselves. As every science has its own method of investigation, so also yoga has an approach that provides an opportunity where deeper levels of realization can be experienced by the practitioner.

The practices of physical postures, controlled breathing and meditation are all tools in our yoga practice that support gaining control of the mind and directing the flow of energy in the body. Our Sivananda practice is deeply rooted in classical yoga and motivates practitioners to gain forward momentum in their quest for increased levels of self-awareness and knowledge of the spiritual nature of self.

In this workshop we will balance out the physical practice with breathing techniques and relaxation, offering indirect control of the mind. finally, meditation coupled with positive thinking work directly towards this mastery. We will explore the 5 principles Sivananda has clearly illustrated that allow us to experience a healthy mind, body and spirit.To all things that awaken and uplift the self - and teach us to be kind.

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