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Functional Anatomy - Part IV

Katarina Wittkamp - Skeletal Systems

  • Shangrila Yoga - Indoor

Service Description This course brings anatomy to life by applying it to yoga postures. Designed for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students alike, participants will learn to customize yoga postures from the lens of the skeletal system. Whether you're new to teaching, a seasoned teacher, or a regular student this content will guide you to discover the subtle shifts in postural alignment that will bring greater ease, stability and strength to key yoga postures. Each session will contain both theory and practice. First, we’ll study how the body works through functional anatomy. And we’ll then apply that knowledge to our bodies in a selection of common yoga postures. Through discussion, we will discover that different alignment works for each of us based on anatomical differences and that that’s a good thing! We don’t all need to look the same to get similar results. Teachers will be able to then impart this knowledge to their students to empower them to move with less pain, greater ease, less strain and greater strength where it counts. You will feel confident in understanding what your students’ bodies CAN do and have a sense for how to progress their practice over time. Teachers and students will complete this series feeling empowered and encouraged by the knowledge gained and equipped to handle various postural challenges in class.

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London, ON, Canada

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