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Sound Bath with Francesca

Are you ready to begin honouring your voice as a reflection of your soul and how you show up in the world? Would you like to begin to understand how to liberate the power of your healing voice?

The human voice is one of the most powerful sound healing instruments and one we each possess, yet so many of us are inhibited vocally, silenced in physiological and psychological ways. This workshop will introduce the art of transforming feelings, thoughts and experiences through the voice. Not by bypassing, but by using the energy of our state of being and giving it passage through sound, by exploring the powerful effect of vocal vibration within the body, and by inviting in transformation through intentional sound. All of this will be grounded in an understanding of vocal pedagogy affording ease and authenticity.

Francesca's journey with the voice as instrument spans many years and expressions. She holds space with sound, teaches voice to actors and singers, and performs as a classical vocalist. She brings this collective experience and knowledge into any work she does to facilitate well-being, and views working with sound and voice as the facilitation of the vibrations, sounds and energetics for the healing capacity that exists within each of us. It is in the conscious nurturing of this capacity within ourselves that we assert ownership and growth of well-being and whole living.

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